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Same Day Installation

Walk In Cooler Repair Fortlee offers you same day installation service for your Ductless Mini Split AC system

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Our experts install your Split AC in No time and deliver quickest Service 

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We offer best competitive rates for your AC installation requirement get in touch today to get an estimate

Ductless Split AC Syster

Ductless Mini Split AC systems are getting trending nowadays among home owners and businesses to keep their homes and offices cool and comfortable. Some measure reason for Split AC being preferred  are easy installation and maintenance.

Walk in Cooler Repair Fortlee provide best installation and maintenance services for your Ductless Split AC system. Our technicians are experienced and professional, We ensure to deliver convenient and cost effective installation services to you.

Fast & Professional air conditioner installation, Split AC installation, Split AC Installation.Affordable Prices.Experienced professionals.Walkin Cooler Repair Fort Lee.

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– Quickest Service
– Competitive installation charges
– Professional Technicians
– Extra 10% discount 
– Same day installation
– After service assistance
– Free consultation


Location is everything

We are your local Ductless Split AC installation experts, We serve clients in Fortlee and drive to neighbourhoods also.

Fast & Professional Ductless Split installation,Split AC Installation.Affordable Prices.Free quotes.Experienced professionals.Walkin Cooler Repair Fort Lee.

Fast & Professional AC Installation.Experienced professionals at Walkin Cooler Repair Fort Lee.

If you live in an older home without existing AC Installation, ductless AC’S may be a great option for you. Ductless air conditioners rely on thin cables that are easy to run through walls, and don’t require damaging or expensive construction. The indoor units can be mounted on the ceiling or a wall, where they’re out of the way.Nothing beats the ease and simplicity of central air conditioning. Integrated into your home’s existing ductwork and controllable by your regular thermostat. Best of all, there’s no bulky unit in your indoor rooms. If needed, we can install custom AC Installation for you.

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